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Here you will find Dr. Roger Sapp’s Books, DVDs, CDs, and other materials to help you understand better how to duplicate the ministry of Christ.

Here you will find a collection of free teachings from Dr. Sapp. These teachings have been produced over the 40+ year span of his ministry.


Here you will find information about prophetic meetings that are held.

Dr. Roger Sapp


With over 40 years in ministry, Dr. Roger Sapp has grown greatly in wisdom and understanding of the Christian faith.


Dr. Sapp spent many years as a traveling minister preaching around the globe. He is now partially retired, and primarily teaches online, or in his local region. He has seen 20,000+ people healed in his ministry.


Dr. Sapp is the author of many publications that have been sold all over the globe, including books, CDs, and DVDs that have changed thousands of lives for the better. These materials are available on the bookstore.

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