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2018-12-27, Dr. Roger Sapp
Performing Miracles and Healings will get you on the path to understanding healing ministry.
2018-01-12, Eric Hulin
Faith comes by hearing Getting to hear the good news and then see it in action with genuine healings - this is very helpful in setting one’s faith on a course for living in the supernatural.
2018-12-28, Dr. Roger Sapp
Faith comes by hearing Listen to the Good News about healing and build your faith.
2017-08-08, Dr. Roger Sapp
Experience the supernatural blessing of God in your finances! These materials will help you in your journey to discover true stewardship. A true steward should see a supernatural touch in their finances on an regular basis. This stewardship set contains everything that Christ teaches, which the church is often too scared to teach. Why? Because it requires real live practical faith.
2018-12-28, Dr. Roger Sapp
This three book series is an in-depth study into all of the teachings of Christ on the subject of finances and stewardship.
2018-11-11, Dr. Roger Sapp
Many people think tithing should be a modern Christian practice. However, these same people cannot pass a basic knowledge test on tithing. They are unfamiliar with what Scripture actually teaches on the issue. The Tithing Test is a simple booklet to help test your knowledge on tithing.
2018-10-28, Dr. Roger Sapp
This DVD is an interview between Dr. Sapp and another individual going over some of the basics of Christ centered stewardship, and how quitting tithing allowed the door to open for supernatural finances.
2016-12-01, Dr. Roger Sapp
Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, Performing Miracles and Healings - these books are an in-depth study into all of the foundational knowledge needed for a healing ministry. The Paid in Full series is an in-depth study into Christ's teachings on supernatural finances.
2017-01-01, Dr. Roger Sapp
Spiritual Treasures is a compilation of supernatural stories that are sure to raise your faith in our awesome God.