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Five-Fold Ministry
List of Dr. Sapp's Materials in PDF form (Printed Books, CDs, DVDs, Card Decks, Anointing Oil) Available for Order on this Website Updated August 2012


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Grace in the Gospels Edition 1.3, Free ebook

Subtitle: Confronting the Error that Jesus Christ Taught the Law of Moses Rather than Grace. Description: One of the most serious and widespread misunderstandings of Jesus Christ is the idea that He was "under the Law" and promoting the Law of Moses during His three years of earthly ministry. This error is the foundation of many false doctrines. This error has caused many, claiming to be Christians, to reject those things that Christ teaches His disciples in the Gospels. This book shows that Jesus Christ was not "under the Law" or promoting the Law, but was demonstrating grace in all aspects of His ministry. It shows that the Gospels are indeed "Good News" to those who follow Jesus Christ.

Grace in the Gospels 2  Edition 1.1. Free ebook

Subtitle: The New Covenant Teaching of Repentance from Sin. Description: This is a continuation of the series that examines the New Covenant teaching of repentance from sin and compares it with the popular but wrong "Narrow Grace" teaching that challenges the idea that Christians should live a lifestyle of repentance from sin. It examines the writings of the Apostle Paul, the other apostles and the words of the Risen Christ concerning repentance.

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Grace in the Gospels 3 Edition 1.0 Free ebook

Subtitle: Understanding a Healthy Consciousness of Sin. This is the third book in a series that confronts the popular hyper-grace teaching. This book examines two related points in that teaching. The first point is if a believer is aware of sin, it is because of exposure to the Law Moses. This book shows that the Apostle Paul teaches that there are several ways that believers are aware of sin that have nothing to do with the Law of Moses. The second point in this erroneous teaching is that the Holy Spirit does not convict believers of sin but only speaks to them of their righteousness. This book shows that this teaching is dangerously wrong.

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 All Nations Ministries Doctrinal Statement

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Five-fold Ministry

Article: "Common Sense About Defining the Apostolic" by Roger Sapp. In PDF form. Asking the right questions about doctrine and practices. Did Christ teach this to His apostles? If Christ didn't teach it, then it is probably not apostolic.

The Apostolic Ten Commandments A musing by Roger Sapp concerning modern apostles in the literary form of the Ten Commandments.  PDF file.

Interview on the Apostolic Dr. Sapp is interviewed about modern apostles. MP3 Audio File. 59 minutes. Left click to listen. Right-click to save to your computer.

 Time Magazine March 2006 Article on Organic/Simple/House Churches in the United States. In PDF form.

Worshipping Sacred Cows of Worship Article on trends in worship by Dr. Roger Sapp in PDF form.

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Visible Healing Videos

Roger Sapp has seen Jesus Christ heal more than 25,000 people over the past 17 years. He demonstrates that Jesus will heal the sick by ministering healing publicly to injured people who can demonstrate that they are healed. He then prays for all kinds of sickness and disease. The following videos are primarily of people being healed who could visibly demonstrate that they were healed. Press "play" immediately after the file opens. You don't have to wait for the entire file to download to watch the video. It will download while you are watching in most cases.

Windows Media Video (.wmv)

Sheila's healing + Christel's healing Woman's back and arm + Deborah's bad back + Painful hip deterioration + Painful & weak wrist + Testimony of lung problem healed + Ruth's healing of arthritis + Cindy's rotator cuff + Woman with Cane + David's healing Part 1 Part 2,  Part 3 + Bad back + Injuries from falling 4 stories + Shoulder injury + Woman desperate for healing

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YOUTUBE Healing Services & clips:


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 Audio Files

New!  Lessons on Healing from the Woman with the Issue of Blood Roger Sapp preaches/teaches on how this woman received her healing. 50 minute message preached April 2011 in Kuala Lumpur in English.

Spiritual Authority and Submission Roger Sapp discusses the use and abuse of spiritual authority in light of what Christ and His apostles taught about this matter. 80 minute message in mp3 format.  Left click to listen. Make take a few minutes to start. 10 megs download.

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Preparation for Meetings

Bio for Dr. Roger Sapp in PDF

Roger Sapp's Picture for Meeting Flyers

Maps to the Well in Springtown Texas

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Other Matters

New!  Here and here are two examples of what the healing cards look like.

How to Obtain a Certificate of Completion of Training Have you completed "The Group or Study Course for Performing Miracles and Healing"? Have you attended "The Christ Centered Healing Seminar"? Now you can obtain a beautiful certificate suitable for framing that certifies your completion of the course or the training.

The Group or Self-Study Course for Performing Miracles and Healing available for order in printed form.

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