How to Invite Roger Sapp to Speak and Minister Healing ,

Seven Easy Steps to Scheduling a Healing Meeting

1. Select a suitable weekend or weekday schedule.

2. Call in the invitation to 1-817-514-0653 or send us an email.

3. Receive acceptance of invitation by Roger Sapp by having specific dates scheduled.

4. Make the travel arrangements about a month before meeting and confirm the invitation.

5. Receive meeting promotion materials from All Nations Ministries.

6. Invite the participants by a mail-out of promotional materials and other means.

7. Bathe all matters in prayer.

Detailed information About Scheduling a Weekend or Weekday Healing Meeting

Most larger groups will want to schedule a weekend seminar. A normal weekend seminar schedule consists of 3 meetings. Friday night at 7pm we usually conduct a normal healing service with the gospel preached, demonstrations done with injured people and then prayer offered for all who wish to receive. Saturday 10am-6pm we conduct the Christ-Centered Healing Ministry Seminar. Prayer is offered at the end of the seminar with seminar attendees, team members and Dr. Sapp praying for those who wish to receive. Depending on the size of the group, sometimes prayer goes into the evening. We highly recommend not scheduling a Saturday evening service. Sunday morning, if desired, Dr. Sapp will preach at an ordinary worship service. In this service, those who were trained or have already received healing will get to participate by testimony and/or ministry at the end of the service.

If Roger and Ann Sapp are in the geographical area, they are willing to schedule a single weekday meeting or a series of 2 or 3 meetings running Tuesday-Thursday evenings at 7pm. Weekday meetings are better for smaller groups meeting in homes or groups who do not want to pay travel expenses and are willing to wait until an opportunity arises when Dr. Sapp is in their area for another meeting.

Travel, Food and Accommodations

Dr. Roger Sapp will be traveling from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and airport. If the distance to the ministry location is within 200 miles, he will drive to the meeting or he will make arrangements for someone to drive him. If the distance is greater, then air travel is indicated. Tickets should be purchased by the inviting ministry or individual at a minimum of one month before the meetings. Purchase of the tickets is final confirmation. Electronic tickets are acceptable in most situations. International invitations may be the exception and paper documents are needed.

Generally speaking, Dr. Sapp’s wife will travel with him if the ministry can afford her ticket. An inquiry about her coming is interpreted to mean that she is invited and she will determine if she can come. If no mention of her is made in the invitation, we assume she is not invited because of the cost of travel, meals and accommodations. This is acceptable and is understandable for smaller ministries and home meetings. Roger and Ann Sapp will stay in a home or a hotel/motel while doing the meetings. Either is acceptable although a motel room is preferred if the ministry can afford it.


The Sapp family lives by faith and "freely you have received, freely give". There is no fee or minimum offering. Ministries that seem to pay a flat fee to traveling ministries often give much less than those that receive an offering. Dr. Sapp only asks that the people attending be given the opportunity to give at each meeting to support the future ministry of the Sapp family. Sunday mornings we recommend two offerings. There can be an offering for the hosting ministry and another for the Sapp’s future ministry.
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