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Dr. Roger Sapp
Subtitle: Confronting the Error that Jesus Christ Taught the Law of Moses Rather than Grace.
One of the most serious and widespread misunderstandings of Jesus Christ is the idea that He was "under the Law" and promoting the Law of Moses during His three years of earthly ministry. This error is the foundation of many false doctrines. This error has caused many, claiming to be Christians, to reject those things that Christ teaches His disciples in the Gospels. This book shows that Jesus Christ was not "under the Law" or promoting the Law, but was demonstrating grace in all aspects of His ministry. It shows that the Gospels are indeed "Good News" to those who follow Jesus Christ.
Dr. Roger Sapp
Subtitle: The New Covenant Teaching of Repentance from Sin.
This is a continuation of the series that examines the New Covenant teaching of repentance from sin and compares it with the popular but wrong "Narrow Grace" teaching that challenges the idea that Christians should live a lifestyle of repentance from sin. It examines the writings of the Apostle Paul, the other apostles and the words of the Risen Christ concerning repentance.
Dr. Roger Sapp
Subtitle: Understanding a Healthy Consciousness of Sin.
This is the third book in a series that confronts the popular hyper-grace teaching. This book examines two related points in that teaching. The first point is if a believer is aware of sin, it is because of exposure to the Law Moses. This book shows that the Apostle Paul teaches that there are several ways that believers are aware of sin that have nothing to do with the Law of Moses. The second point in this erroneous teaching is that the Holy Spirit does not convict believers of sin but only speaks to them of their righteousness. This book shows that this teaching is dangerously wrong.

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