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Here is our link: All Nations Ministries, A Christ-centered miracle & healing equipping ministry founded by Dr. Roger Sapp located near Fort Worth, TX.

Interesting Websites: A Christian Healing Forum for questions and answers on healing, stewardship, and other truths of Christ. Rally Call Ministries, Rally Call Center, Rally Call Institute, Austin, Texas. Bob Long is the Apostolic leader. Stella Paterson's website. Cutting edge focus on apostasy and false doctrine in the Church. Numerous articles by Stella and others.

Free Audio Bible- New English Version in several audio formats. Complete Bible available for download. Read by human being not computer voice.

Free Christian Audio Books Lot of classic Christian books in public domain read by computer voice.

Free Classic Audio Books Lots of classic secular books in the public domain read by computer voice.

Download Theologian Russell Kelly's Book | Should The Church Teach Tithing? Good compliment to Dr. Roger Sapp's book "The Children are Free." The Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. A ministry that Roger Sapp has frequently served in healing ministry. Formerly led by John and Carol Arnott and led by Steve Long. Robert Sander's website that reviews the errors of Seventh Day Adventism and ongoing news about progress in reaching Seventh Day Adventists with the Gospel of Grace.


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Christian Healing Forum.  We have many lively discussions going on the Healing Forum. Not everything that is posted there represents our views perfectly. However, we believe that a good discussion with good manners can benefit all of us. If you have a question, that is a good place to ask it. It is also a good place for us to learn about you and your situation. If you have a prayer request, post it here on the Healing Forum.  There is no one in our office to return phone calls for prayer or to counsel over the telephone. We recommend seeing the files in the Free File Area for information on receiving healing or ordering materials from the links on the left of this page.

New! Healing & Identity in Christ & Spiritual Focus Meditation Cards  3 separate sets of 104 Christ centered healing scriptures and meditations printed on a deck of playing cards. Jenny Beamer said "Wow! These are powerful." as she sat watching her children playing in the pool and going through the deck of cards. Tom Chauvin said "They are outstanding.  I really like the confession after the healing scriptures. We ordered 10 sets!" Dr. Sapp said that he was amazingly encouraged and edified as he laid out the cards on his computer and then as he edited them several times. After the printed cards arrived, Dr. Sapp has used them each morning to meditate on Christ the Healer and receiving healing by playing solitaire and making the confessions on the cards as he sees each card. He has felt a strong presence of the Holy Spirit and has been lifted up in his expectation of miracles and healings. Significant discounts for orders of multiple decks.

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