Fragrant Anointing Oil

It was a common practice in the New Testament era to anoint the sick and demonized with oil before praying for them. This oil was created for that purpose and blended with aromatic oils for a specific reason. Scents have the capacity to release memory. This anointing oil is meant to release awareness of Christ and His work on the cross. This anointing oil is blended from seven high quality oils mentioned in the Bible. Some oils are ordinary and some are more rare and valuable. The most ordinary of these oils is olive oil. The olive oil represents the Holy Spirit. The mild scent of olive oil is completely consumed by these scents that represent Jesus Christ. Frankincense and myrrh were brought to the infant Jesus Christ by wise men from the east. These reveal the wisdom of God revealed in Jesus Christ. The frankincense, used in Old Testament priestly sacrifice, also points to Christ's sacrifice on the cross. It points to the fulfillment of the old Testament prophecies concerning Jesus Christ. The myrrh, used as perfume and in embalming, also points to the importance of Christ's death in our place at the cross. Cedarwood was used in the construction of the Tabernacle and Temple and provided an unique aromatic atmosphere. The scent of cedarwood oil reminds us that Christ now lives in the Temple of the human heart and heals through ordinary believes today just as He healed in the First Century. Spikenard is the most expensive oil in this anointing oil. This oil was used by Mary to anoint the Lord Jesus Christ before His death as a sign of the priceless value of His life, death and resurrection. Cassia and cinnamon were used in the original Anointing Oil used in Mose's Tabernacle and gave it a heavenly scent. These two oils point to the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies and types by Christ.
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