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Donations to the Prophetic Ministry of Jim Wies

Please enter into the quantity blank the number of dollars you wish to donate. For $30, enter 30. This is for donations in support of the prophetic ... more info
What does the Bible teach concerning how people becomes sinners? Also contains quotes from well-known Christian faith groups and individuals ... more info
Confronting the Error that Jesus Christ Taught the Law of Moses Rather than Grace. One of the most serious and widespread misunderstandings of Jesus ... more info
Sarah's Fearless Daughters

Subtitle: The Power of a Godly Submitted Wife Who is Not Frightened by Any Fear. Description: Fear has caused many Christian leaders to become silent ... more info
Spiritual Treasure


Price: $10.00

This is a collection of 44 true stories of the grace of Jesus Christ. It contains stories of healings, miracles, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, ... more info
Focus on Christ: 2 booklets discounted

2 booklets encouraging developing a strong focus on Christ: Release the Supernatural by Meditation on Christ (20 pages) and the new booklet Keep Your ... more info
2 Popular Healing Books Discounted

Two of Dr. Sapp's most popular Christ-centered healing books together. Performing Miracles and Healing and the booklet Release the Supernatural by ... more info
Grace in the Gospels 3: A Healthy Consciousness of Sin

This is the third book in a series of books - Grace in the Gospels - that reviews the popular but erroneous teaching that is being called ... more info
Grace in the Gospels 2: Repentance from Sin

This is the second in a series of books that are devoted to helping Christians know that they can trust the eternal words of Jesus Christ in all ... more info
Help! My Neighbor is a Witch! (Part 1)

This is Part One of a series of books that examine the relationship of Christians to those who are involved in witchcraft and other forms of ... more info
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