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Help! My Neighbor is a Witch! (Part 1)

This is Part One of a series of books that examine the relationship of Christians to those who are involved in witchcraft and other forms of ... more info
Keep Your Eyes Fixed on Jesus: Book

Subtitle: The Secret of Walking in the Power of the Spirit. Jesus Christ and His apostles teach repeatedly in the New Testament that there are only ... more info
Grace in the Gospels


Price: $12.00

Subtitle: "Confronting the Error that Jesus Christ Taught the Law of Moses Rather than Grace". One of the most serious and widespread ... more info
Certificate for the Self Study Course for Performing Miracles

Certificate for Completion of the Self Study Course for Performing Miracles and Healing. This is a beautiful certificate signed by Dr. Roger Sapp and ... more info
Certificate for the Christ Centered Healing Ministry Seminar

Certificate of Completion for the Christ Centered Healing Ministry Seminar. This is signed by Dr. Roger Sapp and suitable for framing. In order to ... more info
Free from Tithing: 3 books

Three books that expose tithing as a false teaching. Two books from Roger Sapp: "The Children are Free" and "Take the Tithing Test". One book from ... more info
Tithing: Low-Realm, Obsolete, and Defunct: Book

150 page book by Matthew Narramore. In this book you will find a thorough, scriptural study of tithing as it relates to born-again Christians, who ... more info
Radical Stewardship: DVD

Roger Sapp shares how the Lord changed his understanding of stewardship and caused him to begin to prosper after more than 20 years of financial ... more info
Christ Centered Supernatural Finances Seminar

5 hours of Christ centered teaching on finances on 4 audio CDs. Comes with 8.5 by 11 inches 37 page booklet that follows the teaching. This is not ... more info
What About Curses? : Book

... more info
 Sold Out 
A Christ-centered analysis of the "vulnerability to curses" and "breaking curses" teaching and comparison with what the Bible says about curses. Dr. ... more info
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