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Take the Tithing Test


Price: $3.95

10 true/false questions and comprehensive answers on tithing. Exposes the many misconceptions and errors that have been frequently taught concerning ... more info
Beware of Spiritual Wolves: Booklet

by Roger Sapp. The New Testament has a strong theme of believers being equipped to recognize true ministry from false ministry. This booklet has ... more info
Are you cursed or blessed?

by Roger Sapp. Are Christians sometimes cursed? Does God curse His children? Can a witch successfully curse a Christian? Do generational curses need ... more info
Pauls thorn in the flesh was not sickness

There are 3 doubts that prevent many Christians from receiving healing. They are misunderstandings of Paul's thorn, Job's sickness and God's ... more info
Release the Supernatural by Meditation on Christ

Discusses how the Lord used Roger Sapp's meditation on Christ in the New Testament to receive healing for himself and his wife Ann and move from only ... more info
Jehovah, Yahweh, Jesus, or Yeshua?

Does the "correct name" for God and Jesus Christ really matter? A Brief History of the Bible, names in the Bible and the culture of the ... more info
Make No Covenant: Booklet

As a result of the teaching of the 1070 cultic Shepherding Movements, many leaders today seek a covenant from those that they serve. Should ... more info
Gifts, Offices & Ministries

A scriptural examination of the word “office” found in the King James Version of the New Testament. This English word is either added by ... more info
Subtle Spirit of the Antichrist: Booklet

Doctrinal winds and trends in the last days. Thoughts on unhealthy but popular trends in the modern church.
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FOR DONATIONS, please enter into the quantity blank the number of dollars you wish to donate. For $25, enter 25. For $50, enter 50. This is for ... more info
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