Quick note:

Just because something is recommended here as an additional resource to study does not mean that it or the other teacher has the endorsement of Dr. Roger Sapp, or All Nations Ministries. I (Eric) am simply sharing some of the resources that have been helpful for me to understand more in-depth some of the things that we are discussing throughout this study group.

Week One

Week One Review:

Intro and Chapter 1 for Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Read, in your Bible, the Bible verses mentioned on page 14. Open yourself to letting God teach you over the week about these things. These are the verses:

John 1:18

John 4:34

John 5:19-20

John 5:30

John 5:36-37

John 6:38

John 7:29

John 8:26-27

John 8:40

John 8:55

John 10:15

John 14:6-13

John 17:14

Colossians 1:15

Colossians 2:9

Hebrews 1:1-3


Assigned reading before week two: 

Read Chapter 2 of Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt.



 Activation: Ask God to show you different teachings and doctrines that you have been exposed to and perhaps even believed, which Christ did not teach. This is not to condemn you, but rather to help you start connecting to God so He can guide you in renewing your mind. Ask God to help shift you to believe what Jesus believes and teaches.


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Knowledge versus Life

This was a popular discussion for week one’s meeting. Unfortunately, we did not have time to cover this entire subject today. This subject could be an entire course in and of itself. Here are some additional resources you may consider studying to learn more about the difference between knowledge and life.

Bob Hamp’s Foundations of Freedom on the Think Differently Academy

Rick Joyner’s book: “There Were Two Trees in the Garden”

 Andrew Wommack’s Spirit, Soul, and Body

Week Two - Coming Soon!

Prepare by reading chapter 2 of Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt