Eric Hulin, J.D.

When I was 14, I gave my life to Christ three nights in a row. The third night, I got woken up by an audible booming voice that said “Eric, you are My prophet.” I did not know what the voice was at the time, but it set me on a really cool journey that I have not shared with many other people – until now.

I became friends with Roger Sapp in the early 2000s, and we have been friends for almost 2 decades now. I have experienced a number of supernatural miracles throughout my life, including financial miracles, healing, and more. I may truly be a finalist in a competition for the most interesting man in the world. My background includes service in the Marine Corps, two times war veteran during OIF. I attended Concordia University for an undergrad in Business Administration (graduated with honors), and I attended Baylor Law School for my Juris Doctorate. I was also valedictorian of my police academy, although I went straight into law school after the police academy and never served as a police officer.

My heart is to help people have a better relationship with Christ, unhindered by all of the dead religion that tries to reduce our relationship with God. When we learn what a pure relationship with God is outside the world of religion, I believe we all have the ability to become world changers. I am ready for an entire earth filled with world changers!

I am a Reformer at heart. Many of the things that God speaks to me and shows me are about practical reformation to make our mission as a Body more effective. I have been getting practical ideas for changing our world. Reducing or eliminating crime. Reducing or eliminating human trafficking. Eradicating sickness and disease from the earth. Resolving the conflict of abortion. Reducing the amount of work that humans have to do as a society to function and operate, thereby giving us more free time to enjoy life. Helping people to be able to discern what causes us to operate in a fallen nature, and how to overcome it by walking in the Spirit.

I also have a huge passion for healing ministry. I would like to finish off Roger’s mission of equipping the entire world with healing ministry. Every single human in existence should be connected to Christ and know Christ as the Savior of their bodies. If you will help me complete the mission of equipping the entire world with healing ministry, I will be able to move on to helping reform more of our society. I am here to help equip you with the understanding required to equip yourself and others to heal the sick.