Learn Healing Ministry

With over 35,000 miraculous healings, All Nations Ministries has steadily gained a worldwide audience, particularly of those seeking to learn to operate in the gift of divine healing at a greater, more consistent level.

We are available to teach on healing ministry and equip your group to understand and operate in this gift. Our healing ministry is a physical healing ministry, such as Christ and the disciples did. We are aware that many healing ministries today focus on inner healing; this is not our ministry. We bring an understanding that allows many people to press in and believe to receive physical healing.

It has been our experience that much modern day common teaching on healing is very legalistic. This often prevents healing from working, or leaves people feeling condemned if they have trouble receiving healing from ministries that are preaching legalism and not Christ. Our goal is to bring people back to Christ in this area.

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt was written to help people that have a more urgent healing need. Many people have found this book helpful in receiving faith for healing. It exposes some of the most common deceptions that prevent simple faith in Christ for healing.

You may find yourself challenged to reconsider whether the way you are currently teaching is truly the way of Christ.

Teaching the Teachers

Do you have a school or program that exists to equip people into becoming more Christ like?

We are available to equip you to teach a more effective curriculum that empowers others to become more Christ-like, and to heal the sick. There seems to be a misunderstanding today where some schools think that people have to “earn their right” through other non Christ-centered teaching before they are “allowed” to learn to be like Christ. But we believe that becoming like Christ is the primary goal of a Christian.

There are also many healing programs today that are based on erratic, inconsistent experiences of those who have had inconsistent success with healing. Our program is built on Christ and His teachings. The way that we teach healing ministry, we start off with a revelation of Christ that is powerful enough that it has propelled many people into a supernatural way of life. This revelation will also equip you with a new level of discernment to be able to discern other teachings that are spiritual, yet leading you astray from Christ.


Inviting Us

We are currently considering a limited number of future traveling invitations to teach on healing. We are limited on traveling right now due to COVID restrictions. It’s somewhat ironic, a healing ministry limited due to sickness! This is why we NEED your help. We NEED followers of Christ to get equipped around the world to bring healing to everyone.

If you would like to invite us, send us an email with practical details. Location, size of your group, dates preferred, what kind of meeting you are seeking (ministering healing, equipping others to do healing), and whether you are able to afford Eric’s traveling costs.

Dr. Roger Sapp has traveled for decades to many churches. 

Roger does not charge money for his ministry. However, we do ask of you four things:

  1. Cover Roger’s cost of travel
  2. Cover Roger’s cost of housing (hotels are always preferred)
  3. Take a freewill offering where people can donate to this ministry as God puts on people’s hearts
  4. Allow us a table to sell our materials (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.)

Eric Hulin is studying under Roger and travels with Roger to ministry invitations. If you are able to afford to cover Eric’s cost of travel and housing as well, that would be graciously appreciated. If unable to afford it, Eric will cover his own costs.

Eric also has a decent understanding of healing ministry and operates in this gift and in equipping others to operate in this gift.