Experience Prophetic Ministry

All Nations Ministries has been working with the prophetic ministry of Mary Crews for nearly a decade. Mary regularly does prophetic ministry online over Zoom meetings.

Mary’s Ministry has been described as accurate, amazing, “she read my mail“,  “this woman is an echo of God’s love speaking to me“. People that are not sure if they even believe in God are challenged to believe after experiencing this supernatural gift through Mary.

I (Eric) regularly host Mary for the online zoom meetings, and I can attest that the feedback I get is overwhelmingly positive for Mary’s ministry. Mary is one of the more gifted people I have encountered with the gift of prophecy – and I know hundreds of people that operate in this gift, but I don’t know anybody else that operates in it at Mary’s level. Her gifting challenged me to rethink what it truly was to operate in personal prophecy.

Mary and Brian Crews

Sign up for prophecy meetings through this link:


When we think from Earth to Heaven, it takes forever to start thinking like God. But when we think from Heaven to Earth, we start from the mind of Christ. Our starting place is truly Christ.

-Eric Hulin


Mary has mentored a number of people in the prophetic over the years. 

Mary has helped churches create prophetic groups as well.

Mary may be available to travel to your church or group to teach on the prophetic.



Inviting Mary

We are currently considering future traveling invitations to teach and minister.

If you would like to invite us, send us an email with practical details. Location, size of your group, dates preferred, what kind of meeting you are seeking, who you are inviting (prophetic meeting for Mary’s ministry. Roger may not travel for these meetings).

Mary usually travels with her husband Brian. 

Mary does not charge money for her ministry. However, we do ask of you three things:

  1. Cover their (Brian & Mary) cost of travel
  2. Cover their cost of housing (hotels are always preferred)
  3. Take a freewill offering where people can donate to this ministry as God puts on people’s hearts.

Eric Hulin is studying under Mary and likes to travel to ministry invitations. If you are able to afford to cover Eric’s cost of travel and housing as well, that would be graciously appreciated. If unable to afford it, Eric will cover his own costs.

Eric is a young prophet that is learning to operate in these gifts.