Learn Supernatural Finances

Dr. Roger Sapp  has had a life full of supernatural provision. Dr. Sapp has learned many things over the years regarding how miraculous provision works.

It has been our experience that much modern day common teaching on finances is very legalistic, and quite commonly it is contrary to the teachings of Christ. This often prevents prayers for provision from working. Our goal is to bring people back to Christ in this area so that they can walk more completely in the will of God and have an abundance for every good work.

It Actually Works!

Nearly 20 years ago, God said something to me one day that I struggled with believing was truly from God. It was against what I had been taught by many preachers. This led me to the ministry of Roger Sapp and his teachings on finances. I discovered that what God said to me that day was true. It works. I would not be working with Roger today if it did not work.

Roger did something that I had NEVER seen done by anyone else. Roger studied what Jesus Christ taught to His disciples. There are many things that Jesus taught which will change your life, when properly understood. Unfortunately, these teachings are not common in many ministries today, mostly because they do not tend to produce a direct giving to these ministries.

I have seen over $1 million of miraculous provision in my life to date. I have many cool stories because of it. It was a radical Spirit-led journey that changed my life. And I have even come to understand ways that ministries could enhance their finances to be more effective for the Kingdom if they weren’t so afraid to approach this topic. People are scared to talk about money. Jesus isn’t.

Inviting Us

We are currently considering future traveling invitations to teach. We are limited on traveling right now due to COVID restrictions.

If you would like to invite us, send us an email with practical details. Location, size of your group, dates preferred, what kind of meeting you are seeking.

Dr. Roger Sapp has traveled for decades to many churches. 

Roger does not charge money for his ministry. However, we do ask of you four things:

  1. Cover Roger’s cost of travel
  2. Cover Roger’s cost of housing (hotels are always preferred)
  3. Take a freewill offering where people can donate to this ministry as God puts on people’s hearts
  4. Allow us a table to sell our materials (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.)

Eric Hulin is studying under Roger and travels with Roger to ministry invitations. If you are able to afford to cover Eric’s cost of travel and housing as well, that would be graciously appreciated. If unable to afford it, Eric will cover his own costs.

Eric also has a decent understanding of healing ministry and operates in this gift and in equipping others to operate in this gift.