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Equipping the saints to do the works of Christ.

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Dr. Roger Sapp

Minister, Author, Overseer

A Christ-Centered, Complete book on healing theology.

Get this if you want to learn to duplicate the healing ministry of Christ.

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Roger spent years reading the gospels and studying the ministry of Christ, with a focus on learning what Jesus Himself taught about healing ministry.

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This is not simply another teaching on giving money to a church or a preacher. This book series is a study through the financial teachings of Jesus Christ as revealed in the gospels. It will challenge the way you currently think about finances and resources.

About All Nations Ministries

All Nations Ministries was founded by Dr. Roger Sapp in 1993. With over 35,000 miraculous healings, this ministry has steadily gained a worldwide audience, particularly of those seeking to learn to operate in the gift of divine healing at a greater, more consistent level.

Dr. Roger Sapp has traveled the world. He has ministered, sometimes repeatedly, in more than 300 churches worldwide. He has preached the message of Christ to the nations. He has seen over 35,000 people physically healed in his ministry. He has repeatedly seen blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened, cancer healed, multiple sclerosis healed, bad backs healed, and many more miracles.  Dr. Sapp has created some PRACTICAL materials for you to be able to DUPLICATE the ministry of Christ. Check them out in our bookstore.

Dr. Roger Sapp is also a financial steward and has a working understanding of Christ-Centered supernatural finances. If you are not regularly seeing miracles happen in your finances, it is time to study what Jesus teaches on this matter.

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt was written to help people that have a more urgent healing need. Many people have found this book helpful in receiving faith for healing.

Amazing Resources for miracle and healing ministry, supernatural finances, and Christ-centered theology that will help you form strong foundations of Christ. Check out the vast resources on a wide variety of practical issues.

Here are a couple of our most popular resources.

Five Most Popular Books

These five books have changed the world for many people. These are Dr. Roger Sapp’s most popular five books on divine healing and supernatural finances.

8 Healing DVD’s

These are Dr. Roger Sapp’s most popular DVDs on healing ministry. The videos have quality teaching, and then most videos contain actual demonstrations of healing ministry occurring.

What About Curses was written to help free people that are struggling with the idea that curses are causing them negative experiences. Get FREEDOM from this stronghold today!

Overcoming Curses

If you believe you are under the effects of a curse, there is freedom! But freedom comes in a way that many people would not initially suspect.  Many believe that curses must be broken. But there is a greater Truth in Christ that makes you invincible to common things being presented today as curses. The true path to freedom is through Christ, and through understanding what Christ teaches.   We must learn to take every stronghold captive, and the belief in curses is actually a stronghold designed to distract you away from Christ.

In “What About Curses”, Dr. Roger Sapp covers the common teaching of breaking curses with a look at what the Bible teaches (and doesn’t teach) on this issue. The common teaching of breaking curses is actually a legalism that is contrary to the teachings of Christ, and embracing this false doctrine has the ability to hinder the freedom you experience when you focus on Christ as the solution instead of focusing on the world as the problem.This book sold out in printed format, but we have made it available in eBook format that you may find true freedom! We would also recommend THESE booklets: Keep Your Eyes Fixed on Jesus, and Release the Supernatural by Meditation on Christ.