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Dr. Sapp has been ministering for a long time and has learned a thing or two.

50+ Years

Dr. Roger Sapp has traveled the world. He has preached the message of Christ to the nations. He has seen over 30,000 people physically healed throughout his ministry. He has seen the blind eyes opened, the deaf ears opened, cancer healed, Multiple Sclerosis healed, bad backs healed, and many, many, many more miracles.  Dr. Sapp has put together some PRACTICAL materials for you to be able to DUPLICATE the ministry of Christ. Check them out in our bookstore.

Dr. Roger Sapp is also a steward and has an incredible grasp of Christ-Centered supernatural finances. If you are not regularly seeing miracles happen in your finances, it is time to study what Jesus teaches on this matter.

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Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons.

The team

All Nations Ministries is here to bring the message of Christ to All Nations.

We believe in equipping the saints to do the works of Christ.

Dr. Roger Sapp


Mary Crews


Clark Kent


“Go Out and Make Disciples of All Nations”

Christ to The World

We believe in the Great Commission. We are here to help you become equipped to serve Christ. We recommend you start by studying the two biggest necessities that humans have: Financial resources and physical health.

When you are freed from the World’s system of health and finances, and walk in God’s system, you will be empowered to walk more in the fullness of Christ. You will walk in better health, and you will regularly see the supernatural in your finances.

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