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The list below shows the most recent prayer requests. The first name of the person you are requesting prayer for should be seen below:

Requested ForSubmitted On
ChrisMarch 21, 2023
Brenda MaddoxMarch 21, 2023
Cherian GeevargheseMarch 21, 2023
UntitledMarch 21, 2023
“Kyla” restore to The LordMarch 21, 2023
LloydMarch 21, 2023
Cherian GeevargheseMarch 21, 2023
DakotahMarch 21, 2023
MargueriteMarch 21, 2023
HallieMarch 20, 2023
TrinityMarch 20, 2023
AllenMarch 20, 2023
HelenMarch 20, 2023
JackieMarch 20, 2023
BarryMarch 20, 2023
EvaMarch 20, 2023
BruceMarch 19, 2023
MyselfMarch 19, 2023
Riley FaithMarch 19, 2023
Alexander (11 month old son)March 19, 2023
ClarissaMarch 19, 2023
VernMarch 19, 2023
JenniferMarch 18, 2023
ManjuMarch 18, 2023
EnyonamMarch 18, 2023
MelissaMarch 18, 2023
TeresaMarch 18, 2023
RobertaMarch 18, 2023
JulieMarch 18, 2023
EthanMarch 18, 2023
ToddMarch 18, 2023
KatyMarch 18, 2023
Rick (myself)March 17, 2023
Carla PortrrMarch 17, 2023
MarieMarch 17, 2023
CarlyMarch 17, 2023
Cole (self)March 17, 2023
PeterMarch 17, 2023
PaolaMarch 17, 2023
LindseyMarch 17, 2023
Melody (self)March 17, 2023
MikeMarch 17, 2023
LucaMarch 17, 2023
PamMarch 17, 2023
NanMarch 16, 2023
KimMarch 16, 2023
AnneMarch 16, 2023
PaulMarch 16, 2023
EthanMarch 16, 2023
JohnMarch 16, 2023
BobbyMarch 16, 2023
Lucas JolliffMarch 16, 2023
AnnieMarch 16, 2023
AndreaMarch 16, 2023
VanessaMarch 16, 2023
RosemarieMarch 16, 2023
GloriaMarch 16, 2023
Voytush – 3-year-old sonMarch 16, 2023
GregMarch 16, 2023
HalMarch 16, 2023
KarrenMarch 16, 2023
Jenny Brown McKenzieMarch 16, 2023
RyanMarch 16, 2023
JoeyMarch 16, 2023
KhamMarch 16, 2023
ZamMarch 16, 2023
ColinMarch 16, 2023
JimMarch 16, 2023
RANJANAMarch 16, 2023
ShawnaMarch 16, 2023
LarryMarch 16, 2023
RobinMarch 16, 2023
RandyMarch 16, 2023
LivieMarch 16, 2023
SandraMarch 16, 2023
JessieMarch 16, 2023
DianaMarch 15, 2023
LorraineMarch 15, 2023
TaraMarch 15, 2023
LindaMarch 15, 2023
BrianMarch 15, 2023
HopeMarch 15, 2023
WillMarch 15, 2023
DavidMarch 15, 2023
MelindaMarch 15, 2023
GregMarch 15, 2023
BrendaMarch 15, 2023
Melissa ShawMarch 15, 2023
MungaiMarch 15, 2023
DennisMarch 15, 2023
MelMarch 15, 2023
DebMarch 15, 2023
JohnMarch 15, 2023
MargaretMarch 15, 2023
AllanMarch 15, 2023
AnitaMarch 15, 2023
CourtneyMarch 15, 2023
EarlMarch 15, 2023
DanielMarch 15, 2023
KatieMarch 15, 2023
StephenMarch 15, 2023
LawrenceMarch 15, 2023
AnnMarch 15, 2023
SeanMarch 15, 2023
Kathy (self)March 15, 2023
LanceMarch 15, 2023
DebraMarch 15, 2023
SabrinaMarch 15, 2023
AshMarch 15, 2023


Chris Sovey
Insomnia, breathing (throat), muscle tightness throughout body, fear

Brenda Maddox

David Maddox
Prayer for my wife Brenda. She is contending with cancer and yesterday was diagnosed with sciatica and is in severe pain. Thank you.

Cherian Geevarghese

Joby Joy
Cherian is admitted in the hospital with a cancer. He is a servant of God


Linda Huscroft
Wisdom,Healing emotionally,Physical, Relationally,Communication protection, Healthy Relationships, My Special Mate and to be a Special Mate in Jesus amen Thank you for prayer! thank You Lord

“Kyla” restore to The Lord

Linda Huscroft


Marcia Giardelli
Severe kidney failure. Tubes fitted for dialysis not functioning. Needs repeat operation to fit tubes. Please pray for kidneys to function again without dialysis.

Cherian Geevarghese

Joby Joy
Cherian is admitted in the hospital with a cancer. He is a servant of God


Sandy Denton
Spirit of lies, disrespect to parents, gaslights her mom, confused, angry, not motivated to do well at school or job. No close friends. Needs deliverance


Marilyn Yeo
Please pray for my mother’s cancer to be gone and any other issues in her body to be healed.


Hallie Neill
Jaw muscles sprained, joint dislocated by dentist. Severe pain. Jaw locks in closed position/open position, unable to chew or open to sing. Dentist unsure how to fix.


Kay Fox


Allen Saint-Remy
please pray for healing of both of my knees from pain and for my digestive system to be healed. Thank You


Helen DelGiorno
Please pray for digestive health


Jackie Santiago
I have had severe pain in my shoulder which has kept me up at night. I suffer with anxiety and fear. I want a revelation of Gods love so I would love prayer for this as well.


Bliss Lagemann
Barry is a pastor and is having difficulty pulling up names or words he is trying to say. There are often long pauses as he struggles to find the words. Doctors say tests look normal.


Eva Thacker
I need prayer for diabetes, fibromyalgia (all over muscular pain for 37 yrs), 2 clogged heart arteries, gut issues, lung issues,


Bruce Levy
I’m deaf in my right ear and my hearing is diminished in the other.. I tried praying and laying on of hands, but I’m believing in you being the final and success ful Chanel for my healing!


Peter Waldvogel
I didn’t get an email response. Chest pain with apparent minor chron airway inflammation.

Riley Faith

alli hancock
Riley is 6 and has adrenocortical carcinoma, stage 4 cancer and currently has a wound that has opened up from a previous procedure she had done in stomach area. Praying for complete healing.

Alexander (11 month old son)

Zhyryll Muller
Requesting prayer of God’s blessings, protection and favour over his life. My husband and I have a lot going on circumstantially and please pray none of these affect him present & future


Zhyryll Muller
My mother is a single mum who’s been through many failed relationships. Please pray God provide her with a godly man to love her and cherish her and be her helping partner through life.


Zhyryll Muller
My husband Vern is currently on probation with strict conditions including an anklet tracker. He is due for a halfway review in April where the board can decide to remove it. Please pray for freedom


Jennifer Shrader
I need prayers for healing from advanced cervical cancer a minister I know told me to speak to you


Manju Jakkula
Several health issues since 6 years -cough/wheezing/chest pains/period issues/high heart rate/anxiety fear/ acid reflux/vision problems/fatigueness/thyroid /lymph node pain


Edem Dorfe
Complete healing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Back pain


Edem Dorfe
Pray request for complete healing from Multiple chemical sensitivities,


Teresa Pape
Parasite infection which led to multiple intestinal issues, inflammation, hemorrhoids, intermittent pain. Eliminate parasites and all associated symptoms.


Roberta Wearmouth
Reactions to food, nausea, fatigue, couch bound, muscle problems


Julie Harber
THere is For last month, pain on inside of the throat on right side, more so when I cough. There is also pain and swelling on ouside of neck on right side in same area, possibly in lymph node.


Oma Isu
Healing from Autism and intellectual disability


Todd Casselberry
Deliverance from anger and fear


Katy Moore
I have struggled with sinus, allergy, and asthma most of my life. I pray for healing daily and I’ll never stop. I’ve read your testimony and I want to receive healing.

Rick (myself)

Rick Kirk
I just found today that I have prostate cancer. Prayers appreciated

Carla Portrr

Carla Porter
Breast cancer spread to bone, more. Under treatment with dr. Appears resistant to current treatment. In rehab to learn to walk again


Sandy Denton
Marie is a young mother diagnosed with multiple sclerosis/MOGAD. Also has a weight issue and thyroid issues


Carly Kolbo
Went on a cruise over a year ago and am still dizzy/have boat sensations. Neurological disorder.

Cole (self)

Cole Riggers
Restoration of friendship and intimacy in my marriage.


Peter Waldvogel
Cough, chest pain and tired easily for 5 months, Dr. says, it may be covd after-effects, unsure. Also, grealy desire the baptism of the Holy Spirit! Seeking.


Paola Miketta
Need healing for my nervous system


Lindsey anon
Right knee makes crunch sound. Lower right rib cartilage or tissue has worn due to improper lifting. My back gets pretty sore because of it. Right side of mouth has lots of decay and cavities.

Melody (self)

Melody Carriere
Prayer, please, for: Restored vision & healed retina & macula issues in both eyes; No more shots needed in right eye to prevent any addt’l bleeds; Thyroid issues; Bone density issues; Dental issues.


Mike Daniel
If you will, please pray for healing of my liver and total restoration of my body. Thank you brother


Julie Sandrella
Luca has persistent blood clots that may affect his future as a baseball player. He is a Christian and an elite athlete. He needs a supernatural healing for blood clots to vanish and veins be normal


Pamela Austin
Healing in my back. My disks are messed up. Thank you!


Nan Rickman
Healing in my brain, nervous system, adrenals, stomach, intestines, endocrine and exocrine systems. Also For peace


Kim Six


Valerie Martensen
Anne been in pain for 4 weeks back and hip left side. Allergic to everything they give her. I have prayed for her . she is scare and frustrated. so her be healed in Jesus name – PRAISE REPORT 03/17/2023 –


Paul Dilly
Improved health , to be free from bodily pain in right ankle and back ..


Amanda Barrie
type 1 diabetes


Amanda Barrie
Insomnia, anxiety, pain (back, shoulders, hips, knee, foot), childhood trauma, need to find a godly counselor


Peter Brewster
Bobby my brother is hospitalized with leukemia and heart ailment issues. Needs healing.

Lucas Jolliff

Meleka Jolliff
My 11 year old son knows the Lord but has extreme anxiety and problems sleeping from it


Susan Kirk
Addiction to alcohol, marijuana . She has deep depression, anxiety. I believe guilt from having an abortion has led her to her state. Thanks


Andrea Walker
Have had Long Covid since July 2021 and recently had Covid again. Feeling really poorly… exhausted, palpitations, dizziness, feel I have no quality of life at the moment.


val uria
19 year old daughter, loves the Lord but has rebellion in her heart – she has seen it and admits it – she has lied to us in the past but has yet to apologize – has a boyfriend we don’t feel peace for


Jason Farley
My Wife Rosemarie seems to have rebellion towards God and is resisting him , she has sickness quite regularly that doesn’t seem to move when I pray


Gloria Beam
I took cipro antibiotic 2018. affected my tendons muscles in body. hard to walk.stiffness in muscles tendons ligaments. my back. doctors can’t do anything. also left thigh muscle. need to be able to w

Voytush – 3-year-old son

Magdalena Szlachetka
I pray for complete healing of genetic illness, brain tumor to disappear, regulate hormonal system (pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenal healed), regaining eyesight, avoid chemiotherapy. Thank you!


Greg Walstra
We need to hire a mechanic and 2-3 truck drivers at our business in Nebraska. We need to be able to sell/ship recycled cardboard and a favorable insurance renewal.


David Rennalls
Please pray that he be healed of bladder cancer and that he would not have to have bladder removal surgery.


David Rennalls
please pray for healing of smouldering myeloma (precursor to blood cancer) and constant pain from spine degeneration. thanks

Jenny Brown McKenzie

Marsha Brown
Healing from seizures and double vision


Tara Germiquet
Ryan is 7 or 8 has Sanfillio disease. needs healing ASAP. many seizures. if not healed it will take his life. please pray for him to be completely healed in Jesus name. thank you


Tara Germiquet
repentence, stop lying, tell truth, full healing, better to his kids mom, closer to God, keep going in staying clean and sober, tell truth. be blessed


Vung Dim
Stomach and leg problems


Zam Sang
Both ears damaged due to exposure to loud noises and headphones. Prayers for complete restoration, brand new ears


Colin Toynbee
Hernia , Arthritis wrists & right knee


James Dunham
Cerebral palsy healing and confusion


prayer for healing from anxiety panic attacks insomnia hypertension hypothyroidism n digestive issues on sleeping n anti anxiety drugs for almost 5 years n drugs for hypothyroidism n hypertension


Shawna Steunenberg
For a total healing of all bones, joints, cartilage – head to toe. For all injuries and arthritis to be healed.


Larry Lum
Would like healing for nearsightedness.


Robin Pearce
Diagnosis of emphysema and macular degeneration


Robin Pearce
Diagnosis of Parkinson’s and diabetes


Melinda Toler
Stagnant lymphatic system not ridding body of toxins; brain not producing neurotransmitters, severe thyroid and hormone imbalance, MTHFR genetic defect, hair loss, anxiety, depression, nightmares


Sandra Hill
Healing from being Sick for years from Lyme, crohns, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anemia, All over body pain, unable to function normally.


Jessie Sadler
Had 41yrs old had Thymus Cancer almost 2yrs ago. I am now experiencing back and abdominal pain, going for scan next week.


James Williams
migraine headaches


Tara Germiquet
repentence of lies, stealing, bullying and abusing, humble her heart, full healing of heart body soul, physical as well as emotional and spiritual, deceptive spirit to leave, truth


Tara Germiquet
healing, restoration, reconciliation, a home, for family. intimacy with God. for new job to go well. bio fam to be saved – PRAISE REPORT 03/20/2023 – I started going to a new church in Sept. yesterday I started to feel connected to some people. I am loved there and welcomed. united and there is no gossip. I am lifted up. yesterday I began to see possibly people who are becoming true family. I am also learning to labour to enter rest and not go by feelings. The Lord is revealing truth from His word and rewriting lies. no one can tell me I’m not God’s child. which God revealed to me in Col 2:18 thank you for your continued prayers. my heart and spirit are begging to heal but not quite healed yet from having been broken. I appreciate your prayers greatly.


Linda Hershley
chronic pain in both knees, bone on bone osteoarthritis


Brian Nelson
healing – muscles loosening in body, neck bones being properly aligned and staying aligned. Better at and increasing in wisdom on how to lead my family (wife and I) as the head of the home.


Jason Farley
Hope was Born with fetal alcohol syndrome, causing limited cognitive ability, bad behavior, angry outbursts, she seven and still in nappies , and speech problems, unable to make certain sounds


Melinda Toler
Salvation, healing of heart wounds, revelation of life path/purpose


Melinda Toler
Healing for: afib, myocardial ischemia


Jaco Jordaan
For MS causing muscle weakness, restricted movement, fatigue and chronic bladder infections.


Gregory Knight
I want to be healed of pre-diabetes and hair loss and vision loss due to pre-diabetes .


Brenda Royal
Healing for lung cancer, arthritis, kidney issues, loss of hearing in right ear.

Melissa Shaw

Melissa Shaw
Heart palpitations and fatigue with unknown cause


James n
healing for my dad


Dennis Bajanov
I’m having my prostate out on 18th April.. please pray that the cancer hasn’t spread to other parts… thanks so much !


Sandy Denton
Glioblastoma brain tumor – put into VA hospice


Sandy Denton
Cancer – currently doing immunotherapy after chemo and radiation


Sandy Denton
37% lung capacity, diabetes, neuropathy – newly diagnosed with CIPD. Nonsmoker. – wheelchair bound farmer


Kate Jack
New heart needed – High blood pressure & leaky valve in her heart


Suzanne Payne
Recent stroke. Can’t walk. Severe rheumatoid arthritis


Anita Mohan
Sinusitis, mucous trapped in sinus and ears, clicking jaw and difficulty swallowing


Courtney Hardwick
Prayer for eyes and ears, and all over body


Earl Frankart
In need of a miracle healing mouth disease pain organ failure digestive system and bowels not functioning properly growths in rectum and other medical conditions


Daniel Mentz
High blood pressure, stress and anxiety, had a panic attack recently, sinuses


Katie Siteman
Need healing for: skin, hormones, body parts, loss of emotions including love, joy, happiness.


Stephen Spano
need Jesus to heal my lungs from asthmatic COPD condition,right knee pain and healing from sexual brokeness


Total healing from prostate cancer. Cancer to leave completely. Also left eye cataract and right knee problems.


Marcia Giardelli
Paralysed right side (arm and leg) following stroke . Needs movement fully restored.


Shannon Hageman
Healing of advanced colon cancer and comfort for himself and his family

Kathy (self)

Kathy Plough
mind and body renewal. 76 age. past episode with brain..


Lance Huget
-I need healing, deliverance and restoration. I have severe depression, insomnia, brain fog, grief, memory loss, hopelessness, addiction to


Debra Hooper
Hypo-Thyroidism, Many food intolerances, bloating after eating, Anxiety attacks, Ongoing fatigue! PMR polymyalgesia rheumatica, walking increases pain & fatigue, Circulatory issues, cortisol spikes


Sabrina Sewdat
Healing of my salivary glands and immune system


Sabrina Sewdat
Please pray for healing of digestive issues, pancreas and polycystic kidney disease. Thank you.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.