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The list below shows the most recent prayer requests. The first name of the person you are requesting prayer for should be seen below:

Requested ForSubmitted On
mikeMarch 4, 2024
Joseph ChackoMarch 3, 2024
MyselfMarch 3, 2024
KatrinaMarch 2, 2024
EmekaMarch 2, 2024
UntitledFebruary 29, 2024
David MarshallFebruary 29, 2024
JuliFebruary 29, 2024
RebeccaFebruary 29, 2024
CharlotteFebruary 29, 2024
Kalon , my sonFebruary 28, 2024
MyselfFebruary 28, 2024
SusanFebruary 27, 2024
Iliana, Jonathan,bella,adrianaFebruary 26, 2024
RoseFebruary 26, 2024
ChristineFebruary 26, 2024
BlueyFebruary 26, 2024
Trish RapauFebruary 26, 2024
KennethFebruary 26, 2024
FordFebruary 24, 2024
Ruth AnnFebruary 23, 2024
ManjuFebruary 23, 2024
JenniferFebruary 23, 2024
DorthyFebruary 23, 2024
jeremyFebruary 22, 2024
camilleFebruary 22, 2024
Tina LewisFebruary 22, 2024
EverettFebruary 22, 2024
LeahFebruary 22, 2024
Gilda & Leah & EverettFebruary 22, 2024
Isaac and sisterFebruary 22, 2024
Michelle (myself)February 22, 2024
Kyle and RickFebruary 22, 2024
myselfFebruary 20, 2024
DavidFebruary 20, 2024
JillFebruary 19, 2024
DevonFebruary 19, 2024
JohnFebruary 19, 2024
HeatherFebruary 19, 2024
ShelliFebruary 18, 2024
RobertaFebruary 18, 2024
JenFebruary 18, 2024
HopeFebruary 18, 2024
JasonFebruary 17, 2024
DavidFebruary 17, 2024
MyselfFebruary 17, 2024
ChrisFebruary 17, 2024
MyselfFebruary 16, 2024
BettyFebruary 16, 2024
Stephanie-myselfFebruary 16, 2024
AndreaFebruary 15, 2024
KelliFebruary 15, 2024
MyselfFebruary 15, 2024
Stacy/Allyson & Amber daughterFebruary 14, 2024
PaulaFebruary 14, 2024
ArtinaFebruary 14, 2024
ByronFebruary 13, 2024
SarahFebruary 13, 2024
Kaleb & KatieFebruary 13, 2024
meFebruary 13, 2024
LizFebruary 13, 2024
TomFebruary 13, 2024
AriFebruary 12, 2024
KennethFebruary 12, 2024
PatriciaFebruary 12, 2024
JamesFebruary 12, 2024
TimmyFebruary 12, 2024
SabrinaFebruary 11, 2024
malaFebruary 11, 2024
Abraham PankratzFebruary 11, 2024
StevenFebruary 10, 2024
KristinaFebruary 10, 2024
SivFebruary 10, 2024
Bethany and RyanFebruary 10, 2024
DianeFebruary 10, 2024
MonaFebruary 10, 2024
DeanFebruary 9, 2024
PazleeFebruary 9, 2024
LucaFebruary 9, 2024
ConnieFebruary 9, 2024
NicolaFebruary 9, 2024
JenniferFebruary 9, 2024
AbramFebruary 9, 2024


Mike kalinowski
Skin cancer

Joseph Chacko

Jogy Joshua
Detected Cancer


Jill Wilson


Katrina Palomino
GI tract to be healed and made whole also needing hiatal hernia to be healed.


Emeka Leonard
Please pray for me, I’m having blood sugar trouble


Rosemary Loshi Mwansa
I want healing in left ear due deafness since addition, I have a bad skin on my feet but I have believed God for a creative miracle of new skin

David Marshall

David Marshall
Prayer against brain fog and witchcraft attack on my head


Paul Demer
Continued manifestation of healing of cognitive issues. Reveal any areas of doubt or hindrances to receiving complete restoration


Rebecca Gagliardi
Ringing in both ears, fibromyalgia, neurological issues, anxiety and depression, burning in different parts of body, digestive issues and weird symptoms caused by a therapy.


Charlotte Howes
I’m having trouble with at least one cyst on my rear end and one on left side of my breast. They cause discomfort and pain.

Kalon , my son

Carol Makuch
He has tumors in his brain and spine


Rod Kirby
For Bounding heartbeat, hypertension and circulatory issues to go away


Chido Munangagwa
My mom just had a stroke and isn’t speaking. She also needs mental and emotional healing from years of torment. Thank you Roger

Iliana, Jonathan,bella,adriana

Iliana Villalba
Healing, mind, body and soul. Anxiety and nervous system dysfunction in all after Covid. This is my family.Deliverance if needed.


Christine Maher
Kidney disease and High BP


Christine Maher


Christine Maher
Copd /lungs

Trish Rapau

Christine Maher
Parkinson’s and Early stage dementia


Olesya Tymchak
My husband Ken was diagnosed with cancer, st.4 in his abdomen and possibly lungs. Prayer targets: urgent influx of strengths&weights( he lost 60lbs);pain; digestion; breathing;morale. Thnx!


Kate Lawson
Freedom to speak/converse fluently, to make a friend, to eat a variety of foods without pain/inflammation, to play joyfully and know he is accepted/loved (5 year old boy) – PRAISE REPORT 02/27/2024 – Steady uptick in eye contact, spontaneous pretend play, sleeping more soundly (which I didn’t even ask you to pray for). Thank you Jesus! – PRAISE REPORT 02/28/2024 – Lots of restful sleep, yawns and CALM throughout the day. 50% reduction in hyperactivity!!! Listening quietly and understanding and following simple instructions the first time we ask! Thank you JESUS!!!!! – PRAISE REPORT 03/02/2024 – Ford is communicating basic needs effectively with one word. This has reduced his frustation immensely, and we have seen zero meltdowns/tantrums as a result!!! He is very interactive and joyful! Wakes up in the morning with a big toothy smile when he used to wake irritable and have a hard time with transitions throughout the day. I believe this indicates all the pain in his body is gone but I suspect he may still have some heartburn after meals because he pushes on his chest. Thank you Jesus for pouring out your mercy and grace on this little one!!!

Ruth Ann

Ruth ann Dziewiatkowski
Pancreas is not producing enough enzymes.


Manjula Jakkula
Going for a CT on 2/26/24 for right side thyroid nodules/ swollen lymph nodes/a mass around thyroid.They want to possibly do a biopsy depending on the report. Believing for normal report in Jesus Name


Jennifer Cvammen
Brain tumor eradication, clarity in scans


Michelle Livengood
Please agree that my grandma is healed of difficulty walking, conjestive heart failure, kidney problems, and bladder cancer. Thank you!


alli hancock


alli hancock
baby camille born with congenital diaphramatic hernia

Tina Lewis

Tina Lewis
Nervous system, circulatory system, pain, other organs, bladder, uterus, hormones. Tingling numbness, scoliosis, heart, arteries, mind, top to bottom blood etc . To line up and to just knkw,


Everett Stigliano
Everett is five years old with constant ear infections, and recently ruptured his eardrum


Leah Stigliano
Leah, my daughter is 26 been sick for 20 years

Gilda & Leah & Everett

Gilda Stigliano
Gilda-right leg/ankle/foot restored

Isaac and sister

Michelle Livengood
That Isaac’s knee/bones/skin is healed and restored, and that Isaac and Selah’s cough is healed and all scummies are gone.

Michelle (myself)

Michelle Livengood
Please agree with me that I am healed from heaviness, anxiety, that the hernia and reproductive related healing is manifest, teeth are healed/whole, and all pain/lumps on my leg/body are gone/healed.

Kyle and Rick

Susan Kirk
Kyle cancer. Rick cancer


Mari Grace Reyes
Thank u thru u i believe that Jesus our God will heal my numb face, kidney, gout & heart all regenerated


David Kervin
Please pray for our marriage. After our last argument Christy told me she made an appointment with a divorce lawyer. Thank you.


Jill Wilson
Healing of weakness in body and numbness in legs and feet.


Devon Moore
I need deliverance from porn addiction.


John McBee
Severe lower back pain from arthritis and degenerative disc. Also knee pain


Heather Sudbrock
Been having a lot of issues with teeth. Wearing away. Damage. A pulled one, capped one, bridged one, root canal, all in a few months time when I had never even had cavities before. One w a bad crack.


Shelli Shanti
5th time in 7 months I’ve had a lung/ respiratory infection. I wheeze and cough till my ribs ache. Dr visits, medications, it keeps recurring and I can’t work on my clients coughing, so my financial!


Roberta Wearmouth
Need bladder (or whatever it is) prolapse to reverse.


Jen Marie
Brain tumor


Jason Farley
Healing from being born with Fetal Alcohol symptoms, brain disability, speach and communication issues, behavior issues


Jason Farley
My right thumb has limited movement and flexibility and is twisting out of alignment with a pain level of about 5 when I move it a certain way


David Upton
Lyme disease. coinfections. Tooth decay. Insomnia. Resting in Christ’s finished work. Cold hands/feet. Fatigue. God making me His man. Tendinitis. Eyes strong. Ear sensitivity. bipolar. hurting vet.ty


Debra Hooper
I have COVID – PRAISE REPORT 02/19/2024 – Sorry for not following directions and provide specifics; I blame it on a high temperature. Praise to Jesus, that for the first time in a week, my temperature hasn’t gone over 100! and I’m starting to eat more. The constant coughing persists, but it no longer wakes me in the night, and I’ve had 2 full nights of sleep. Thank you Jesus, and you, for your compassion toward those who are ill. – PRAISE REPORT 02/21/2024 – Praise God!! My cough has all but stopped today! The pain in my back from coughing is also, almost completely gone! I have some more energy and ate a more ‘normal’ portioned lunch. Jesus, thank you for healing me 2,000 years ago!


Chris Page
Dysregulated nervous system-stress response is easily triggered and have low stamina. Anxiety. Ringing in ears. Knots in arms. Receeding gumlines. Snoring. Eyesight. Thank you!


Vananda Arena
Pray that i keep my job and that i have peace in the wirkplace.


Betty Roots
Healing from the flu belongs to me because of what Jesus has done.


Stephanie Miller
Darker/coarser hair has grown in areas that it is not supposed to for a woman’s body such as upper lip etc. Also seem to not be able to eat a variety of foods without digestive issue . Thank you!


Andrea Davis
Left hip pain & weakness from bone on bone. I know God can give me a pain free, strong hip!


Kelli Pratt
Can’t poop 20+ years, force diarrhea or nothing works- could be MS related, muscles tight & pain, neuro issues,C-PTSD, neglected as kid, deep spiritual warfare against me. Mold. Memory loss. Anxiety.


Vananda Arena
Pray that i marry and have kids and that the relationship with my partner’s family is restored so that they accept me.

Stacy/Allyson & Amber daughter

Stacy VanProoyen
My body is a war field against Crohn’s. I choose no medicine to heal me. My husband of 25 years left me while I was sick. My girls are hurt


Paula True
healing of right kidney, possible stone, but not sure. also need healing of left shoulder.


Nola Kenney
My friend was just diagnosed with bone cancer in her skull, jaw, sternum, spine/tailbone and femur. Praying for Gods amazing healing in her body and soul


Wendy Baum
This is both his and Is 2nd marriage. He is addicted to porn, affairs, lying, lust and masturbating. Asking for his full surrender to God, deliverance. Marriage restoration.


Sarah Berg
Insomnia, brains inflammation, dysregulated nervous system, chronic fatigue, anxiety

Kaleb & Katie

Katie Siteman
Kaleb is 2 yrs old and is receiving chemo which is destroying his immune system. I am in need of healing for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.


alli hancock
cortisol struggles (fight/flight) at night during sleep


Elizabeth McEwen
Pain in hips and legs, pain & stiffness in other joints


Patricia Martinson
Tom has pancreatic and liver cancer. He is deteriorating quickly and the doctors don’t expect him to live more than a week. please pray in agreement that Christ is Tom’s healer.


Mari Grace Reyes
painful bulging spinal cord and covid. i claim healing for Jesus is God the life giver and restorer.


Olesya Tymchak
my husband Ken was diagnosed with cancer in his abdomen and possibly lungs. He lost appr. 60 pounds. Prayer targets: pain; weight/ strength gain; tumors be gone; digestive system be working. Thanks!!!


Patricia Oliver
so sick with the flu, over a week now, desperate for healing – PRAISE REPORT 02/14/2024 – thank You Jesus for the prayers of Your servant. I am feeling remarkably better. That was a nasty stomach flu and I am grateful for the healing I received, remarkable actually. Blessings to you and yours Dr. Sapp


Mike Daniel
Need my liver healed, actually I need healing for all of my organs.


Mike Daniel
He needs healing for Parkinson’s , prostate trouble and chronic back pain.


Sabrina S
Prayers please for my lumps this system to work normally


Mala lam
my aunt .Parkinson disease,diabetes , high blood pressure

Abraham Pankratz

Klaus Stutz
Complicated hip replacement surgery Feb 12. 87 years old. Anesthetic concern. Prefer epidural over full anesthetic to avoid brain complications. Praying for complete healing.


Kristina Bethea
Brain to be able to focus on work (ADHD symptoms), pain in lower back and hips to leave in Jesus’ name. Thank you!


Kristina Bethea
Sharp pain in my left heel (nerve) to leave and pain in my right hip to leave in Jesus’ name. Thank you for agreeing with me!


Siv Lind
Please pray for miracles 1. Tinnitus, 2. Left jaw joint, is unstable, jumping, etc., 3. Missing/pulled teeth to grow back in left lower jaw!

Bethany and Ryan

Ryan Kittle
wife Bethany needs an encounter with the Holy Spirit and love of God. She feels like a failure. Marriage is suffering. We both need emotional mending. Finances need improved. Both need fresh vision.


Betty Roots
Thank you for praying for Diane to be healed and free from memory loss, confusion, hallucinations, fear, depression, and stroke symptoms.


Mona Lind
Please pray for Vertebral Compression, Pain and Sciatic Nerve


Sandy Denton
Diagnosed with esophageal cancer, now undergoing chemo and radiation to try to shrink tumor so they can operate. Doing poorly. Hospitalized in Billings MT


Sandy Denton
15 year old girl diagnosed with multiple MPNST tumors – inoperable. Prayers for her healing, and for financial relief for her family, as treatment will be 600 miles from home


Julie Sandrella
Please continue to pray for Luca to be healed in his right arm. He wants to play baseball again. Thank you God bless!


Deborah Knight
Connie needs healing from a heart attack that damaged part of her heart and left her in ICU with pneumonia. Thank you.


Marcia Giardelli
Large and growing tumor on stomach which needs to disappear.


Jennifer Cvammen
Healing head to toe from radiofrequency damage and melanoma


Carol Pankratz
Steel hip broke in half. 21/2-to-3-hour surgery to remove broken hip and replace with new steel hip. Struggles with dementia. June 2019 passed out in sauna. Core temperatureFour years ago found in
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.