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The list below shows the most recent prayer requests. The first name of the person you are requesting prayer for should be seen below:

Requested ForSubmitted On
MarciaSeptember 22, 2023
AnnSeptember 22, 2023
NikkiSeptember 22, 2023
Robert and FloresaSeptember 22, 2023
RobertaSeptember 22, 2023
AprilSeptember 22, 2023
JoeySeptember 22, 2023
familySeptember 22, 2023
LorraineSeptember 22, 2023
AriSeptember 21, 2023
SusanSeptember 21, 2023
myselfSeptember 21, 2023
NyariSeptember 21, 2023
NolaSeptember 20, 2023
DonSeptember 18, 2023
CambrieSeptember 18, 2023
WendySeptember 18, 2023
BlazeSeptember 18, 2023
AlexSeptember 18, 2023
ChrisSeptember 18, 2023
AmandaSeptember 17, 2023
MarethaSeptember 16, 2023
KatieSeptember 16, 2023
VirginiaSeptember 16, 2023
RobynSeptember 16, 2023
AranzaSeptember 15, 2023
ToddSeptember 15, 2023
BarbaraSeptember 15, 2023
DeborahSeptember 15, 2023
Susan/selfSeptember 14, 2023
IsabellaSeptember 14, 2023
RiverSeptember 14, 2023
Ari Petteri LaaksoSeptember 11, 2023
Liz – meSeptember 11, 2023
IsabelleSeptember 11, 2023
EllaSeptember 11, 2023
AlexanderSeptember 10, 2023
Jordan David MckenzieSeptember 9, 2023
Betty LumSeptember 9, 2023
MyselfSeptember 8, 2023
CGSeptember 8, 2023
meSeptember 8, 2023
Zachary – MyselfSeptember 8, 2023
anitaSeptember 7, 2023
IngridSeptember 7, 2023
JanetSeptember 7, 2023
kathleenSeptember 7, 2023


Lower back pain and pain in left side. CT scan and blood tests did not identify cause. Been ongoing for many months. Very wearying and getting


Prayer for right side to come to life again following stroke and to be free from pain and able to live independently again in her own home.


Nikki Kenney
Struggling in marriage and finances- past traumas

Robert and Floresa

Mari Grace Reyes
Robert for broken leg injury and Floresa Chronic Kidney Disease


Roberta Wearmouth
Reacting to foods and muscle problems


Tara Germiquet
Healing from disease, close to God, her children, healing from trauma, to receive love, to truly believe, healing of heart


Tara Germiquet
Sincerely repent, make things right, confess, soften heart, truly forgive all, delivered of lying spirit, be right with God, to know God and believe


Tara Germiquet
bio family salvation, to repent, come to Jesus, be saved, delivered, set free, healed in Jesus name.


Tara Germiquet
deliverance from lying spirit, healing in all ways, sincere repentence, make things right, restoration, reconciliation, Softened heart, offer true forgiveness, blessed, more love, to be true


Mari Grace Reyes
Severe back pain protruding spjnal cord and depression


Ruth Dance
Susan is 50 and has has digestive problems since she was a teenager.


Tara Germiquet
lost job, need a job ASAP. looking to move away. need a place to live. Need a miracle. Need to pay bills. no job no rent or car loan or bills. need to trust God. need help.


Nyari Gwavava
Pray for healing of breast cancer and breast swelling.


Nola Kenney
I need resources and provision. I’m unable to work due to caring/advocating for my dad, Jim with dementia. Asking Gid for guidance to show me where he needs to be and provision to do so. We have no $


Don welch
blocked retina in right eye. weak legs and balance problem. damaged right knee.


Cambrie Gagliardi
I need healing for a bladder infection that won’t go away with treatment. Pain and discomfort. thank you


Wendy Richardson
Pancreatic cancer possible spread, recovery from bowel blockage surgery


Blaze Veljovski
Dental health and healing. Healing for the body. Thanks.


Alex Ganji
Pain in brain. ( feel movements ) in brain and then neck.


Chris Farris
I recently developed asthma/chronic bronchitis. After a pulmonary function test my lungs were operating at 60%. Feels very difficult to breath and constant out of breath even with medication.


Amanda Clotts
I’m praying for healing of my thyroid issue and to have more energy than I know what to do with!


Marianca Farinha
Request for my mom. 2 strokes almost 10 years ago & needs full time care. In wheelchair, no use of right arm and hardly any sight left. I know God’s will is to heal her, still learning my identity


Katie Siteman
need healing from Mast Cell Activation Syndrome which is causing major skin problems. Need balanced hormones. Need an increase in faith. Need the peace that passes all understanding.


Virginia C. Williams
Strength, vision


Robyn Millheim
Having a nodule cut out of my left lung next Thursday. And having a right shoulder replacement November 1.


Dave Miller
Aranza still waiting on her DACA to be renewed. in the mean time she is working for me. the Lord’s will be established in her life


Todd Sims
Final healing of stroke symptoms: numbness, coordination, balance bc brain injury.


Barbara Stacey
Tormented with new symptoms continually. Nerve pain, chest pain, toothache, and nausea etc. Freedom from fear required.


Deborah Knight
I would like God to heal my spine and clear the calcium from my heart so I can walk again without pain and labored breathing.


Susan Kirk
Healing to my brain from years of drinking alcohol


Laura Galbraith
Has struggled for 8 years with health issues and has current babesia/borellia. Treatment plans have not worked. Neurological symptoms /passing out 18 yo. Desperate for “normal” functioning.


C Judd
Healing for my son River, whoI has sore throat and high fever, and muscle soreness

Ari Petteri Laakso

grace reyes
Healing of his protruding spinal cord causing him never ending pain, that he wants to give up

Liz – me

Elizabeth McEwen
Pain/swelling in both legs, pain in hips,


Elizabeth McEwen
Continued healing and restoration from brain disorder/mental illness.


Julie Z
Ella is suffering with anorexia,


Adam Morrison
Healing for Pastor Alex in Ukraine, diagnosed with stage 5 stomach cancer. Undergoing chemotherapy.

Jordan David Mckenzie

Marsha Brown
very serious concussion, features above left eye and side of head caused brain bleed on right side of head, extreme headache, aggregation and confusion, passed out do not know why. 20 year old .

Betty Lum

Larry Lum
Has detached retina surgery complications.


Jenny Heiney
I haven’t felt well since last Monday. My ears hurt! – PRAISE REPORT 09/08/2023 –


alli hancock
mental health issues


alli hancock
never can sleep through the entire night

Zachary – Myself

Zachary Vaughn
Please pray that God blesses me with His Holy Spirit. I want to be filled with, and led by The Holy Spirit.


Anita mohan
cavities in teeth


Ingrid Henne
My eyes, ears, mind and hormone balance


Janet Inge
Chronic, embedded UTIs, Alpha-gal, gluten sensitivity, fibromyalgia woth chronic pain and, dry eye, sleep apnea, anxiety/ depression, asperger/ADD symptoms. Thank you so much.


kathleen kuszmaul
issues with cheek, neck and back
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.