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Developing Inner Chemistry for Healing: DVD

This is a "how to" message about getting the right "inner chemistry" to be healed and to heal the sick. At the end of the DVD, ... more info
MP3 Healing CD


Price: $14.99

This CD contains 10 hours of audio healing messages by Roger Sapp. Free Shipping.
Woman with the Issue of Blood: Audio CD

Christ-centered healing truths illustrated by the New Testament story of the woman with the issue of blood.Free Shipping.
Christ Teaches His Disciples to Heal: 2 Audio CD’s

Elaborates specifics of Christ teaching the 12 disciples to heal the sick. Describes what the disciples would have known about healing that most ... more info
The Twelve Doubts: 2 Audio CDs

Very popular healing message "The Twelve Doubts" seeks to capture the major doubts that weaken faith in Christ and prevent reception of ... more info
The Good News About Healing: 4 Audio CD’s

Very popular. 260 minutes of thorough teaching on receiving and ministering healing.Many people have been healed while listening to this set.
Christ Centered Healing Ministry Seminar Set: 2 Notebooks 4 CDs

Listen to the Christ-Centered Healing Ministry Seminar at home or with a small group. This set includes 2 Seminar Notebooks and a set of 4 CDs that ... more info
Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt: Book

by Roger Sapp. Faith for Healing by Removing Doubts. Explores the most common doubts that prevent people from coming to Jesus Christ in child-like ... more info
The Last Apostles on Earth: Book

Book on the ministry of modern apostles. 186 pages. Updated Version with new introduction and different cover. Sold in 20 countries first year of ... more info
3 Book “Paid in Full” Financial Set

$32.85 value for $26.95. Christ-centered exploration of what the New Testament teaches on finances. Titles: Radical Trust in God for Finances, ... more info
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