Christ Teaches His Disciples about Faith: eBook



The Apostle Paul teaches believers that “the Law is not of faith” Galatians 3:12.  This is an important verse in dealing with the false teachings that Jesus was under the Law of Moses and promoting the Law in the four Gospels. The huge amount of Christ’s teaching about faith in the four Gospels creates many contradictions to the idea that Christ is under the Law and promoting the Law in the four Gospels. This idea of Jesus under the Law is promoted by both extreme errors; legalism and hyper-grace. Some have even suggested that Jesus’ teaching is not reliable because it was mixed Law and grace. Roger Sapp shows the actual content of the four Gospels to be about faith and not about keeping the Law. No one should try to have faith in Christ’s sacrifice at the cross for them without believing in Christ’s teaching to His disciples.  Roger Sapp presents strong evidence in this ebook that the four Gospels are about faith and not about the Law of Moses.