Gifts, Offices and Ministries



Dr. Roger Sapp explains the confusion over gifts, offices and ministries and how it occurred historically. This is a high-content ebook that sorts out the confusion by a study of the content of the New Testament.

Various Headings of Subjects Covered in this ebook:

Government and Fivefold Ministry Confused. The Word “Office” in the New Testament. Fivefold Ministry Gifts Described. Overseers Connected with Apostolic Ministry. What About Pastors? What About Today’s Bishops? What About Apostolic Succession? Unwittingly Stealing the Role of the Apostle. The Greek Word “episkopos” Translated “Bishop.” Misuse of “Bishop” has a Long History. Historical Decline and Recovery of Apostles. Scriptural Role of Apostles and Overseers. To the Bishop who is Actually an Apostle. Those Seeking New Testament Restoration.

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