The Last Apostles on Earth (ebook)



A study of the apostolic ministry in the New Testament. Sold in 20 countries without advertising in its first year of publication. High content. 182 pages.


“This is a decade characterization by the rise of the modern day apostolic movement.  The Last Apostles on Earth is, therefore, very timely.  It provides us with valuable biblical information for building a theological framework within to understand this work of the Holy Spirit in our day.” Dr. C. Peter Wagner, Church Growth, Fuller Seminary

 The Last Apostles on Earth is a fresh and unique look at what Scripture says about apostolic ministry.  This book is a must read for anyone wanting to account for the biblical evidence regarding apostles in the Church today.” Dr. Gary Greig, Theology Professor, Regent University School of Theology

Ministries Today Magazine Review: “If you thought the latest wave of revival manifestations stirred up the church, wait until the next one crests!  The author of this new book says that the next big revival wave will bring genuine apostolic ministry to the surface.  Dr. Roger Sapp believes that Christ will freshly call, restore and anoint apostles as gift ministries to the church.  The author writes in order to prepare local leaders to relate to these mobile ministers, and they explore and apply biblical principles about apostles.  Roger Sapp, (formerly) a theology teacher at a Virginia college, explores Old Testament kings as types of New Testament apostles.  That analogy, though limited, helps show how apostles conduct the affairs of the Kingdom of God.  Many insights await any careful reader… This book does not simply study apostles as a topic. Apostles come alive as real people sent from God and as the Lord’s final thrust to bring the Church age to a glorious close.  If the church is to obey the Great Commission before Jesus returns, the author contends, we will need to end with even greater power than the first apostles displayed.  As end-time revival waves break upon humanity, this book urges us to grab our surfboards and prepare for the last great ride of church history: the whole church reaching the whole world with the whole gospel. ”